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What is the difference between OPTIMUM Gasket Makers and The RIGHT STUFF?2019-11-05T10:25:35+00:00

As with our ULTRA Gasket Makers, OPTIMUM Gasket Makers are RTV silicones that require 24 hours for a full cure. The RIGHT STUFF eliminates the need to wait for the gasket maker to cure – just torque and go! The elastomeric technology used in The RIGHT STUFF is heavy bodied with 10 times the density of our ULTRA and OPTIMUM products. It delivers a blowout resistant, heavier and faster sealing bead, outperforming pre-cut or traditional gaskets while offering immediate return to service. Proven effective over millions of miles of fleet testing, The RIGHT STUFF will continue to be the professional’s choice when time is of the essence.

Why would I use OPTIMUM BLACK?2019-11-05T10:25:02+00:00

OPTIMUM BLACK combines maximum oil resistance with high flexibility. Today, we see components changing and unlike materials meeting (plastic/steel, aluminum/steel, etc.), all with different rates of expansion and contraction. In addition, with technology advancing, regulations and requirements tightening, we see thinner metals, fewer fasteners, and wider spread bolt patterns. The strength and flexibility of OPTIMUM BLACK handle the changes and added stresses that exist between today’s lightweight, high performance, and premium component assemblies. It is sensor safe, low odor, and non-corrosive with resistance to oil, shop fluids, and vibration. Also, an extra nozzle is included adding convenience, eliminating the hassle of a clogged nozzle, and allowing multiple uses of each tube without loss of product.