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Our site issues were becoming questions with no answers until we connected with a technical team from Stegron. Thankfully our operations run with a substantial growth in efficiency.

Master Switchgear Manufacturing Co-

Stegron provided us with a solution that we could integrate within a lot of channels in our business, and gave us the flexibility to implement in the way that we needed.

Master Switchgear Manufacturing Co-

Diligently developed, carefully crafted and ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Master Switchgear Manufacturing Co-

Their entire team at Stegron gives every effort to exceed expectations within delivery of: efficient results, quality craftsmanship, working within budget and schedule and providing excellent customer service to warrant their work.

Master Switchgear Manufacturing Co-

Stegron continuously delivers service and quality due to their conscientious workforce that constantly strives to deliver excellence .

Master Switchgear Manufacturing Co-


Have questions on Stegron product applications? Need Safety Data Sheets or Technical Data Sheets? Choose the category for your need.

Stegron Gasket Maker Selector
Which gasket maker is right for the job? This guide will help you determine the right gasket maker for the job.

Stegron Gasket Dressing Selector
Which gasket dressing is the best choice? This guide will help you determine the appropriate gasket dressing for the job.

Stegron Threadlocker Selector
Which threadlocker do you need? This guide will help you choose the right threadlocker for your application.

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We manufacture and supply lubricants, anti-corrosion products, cleaners/degreasers, additives, welding treatment products and other specialty products. Stegron industrial maintenance repair and overhauling products offer high quality solutions and technical support for on-site problems faced by our customers. We provide recommendations based upon the requirement of our customers, regarding which products can be used to address each unique maintenance.

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Stegron focuses on high quality service and maintenance products for automotive car care, delivering the standards that allow vehicle owners ease of use and maximised energy efficiency; protecting the integrity of the engine from wear and tear. Innovative chemical solutions that have been tried and tested by third party laboratories, ensuring that Stegron products are up to date with today’s engineering.

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Household Hygiene

Dirt, mould, dust and stains coming from different environments often cannot be eradicated with standard cleaning products. Our cleaning products take care of this with unique solutions for various circumstances. Testing our products to ensure that we can resolve a hygiene challenge is important to us. That is why we conduct frequent tests to deliver results, not just promises.

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Car Shampoo

Car Wax Polish

Cockpit Spray

A/C Cleaner

Tire Protectant

STP Tuff Stuff

STP HD Engine Degreaser

STP HD Brake Parts Cleaner


CRC 5-56

Contact Cleaner

Lectra Clean

Rust Remover

Rust Preventer/ Dow Metal Protector

Permatex Hand Cleaner

Galva Brite

Zinc Spray

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